IVI FIRST | music editor

Ivi First started working on a radio station in 2007. She has a diploma in ethnology, cultural anthropology and Czech language and culture studies at FFZG and Karlo’s University in Prague. As far as it is known she is the only half-marathon runner among radio speakers in Croatia, and the only radio speaker among half-marathon runners. She plays multiple instruments, but none of them well. She is unbelievably clumsy and  prone to bizarre involuntary self-inflicted injury. Has she not been beaten up by puberty so hard, she would’ve finished the school for rhythms and dance – Ana Malewtić in Zagreb. She organizes races, writes a column, works as a PR, gladly mixes music, and syncs commercials. She has a deep love for fluffy toys. Cannot stand meat stains. Selfie obsessed.