The theatre show “Prison of Decision” premiered on The Week of Contemporary dance 2014,and due to an exceptional interest from the audience it was performed multiple times after the festival. The theatre show is dealing with the subject that challenges the difficulty in acceptance of differences between two people. It is also a reflection of the dynamics in between two dancers, who are merging multiple dance techniques and choreographic ideas into a harmonic performance, but also a performance with many layers to it.

The audience is invited to watch the relationship between two people who love and support one another, in an attempt to reach out to each other in the right way where they will not only listen, but hear. Choreographically, the main focus is put on a relationship between two people, and we explore a situation where a lack of presence of someone’s ego, is not necessarily an expression of humility, but can lead to self-destruction. While the other person in the dialogue tries to reach out to another no matter the consequence or method.  In the show, through the movement language, we are guiding you through a web of misunderstanding, love, sadness, anger, fear, wrath, and support, which is ultimately a cluster of emotions wrapped around accepting each other for who we are, with all our secrets and baggage.

&M Dance Company engaged three renowned jazz musicians for the theatre show “Prison of decision” due to a site-specific remake of the show premiered in “Lauba- people and art house” in March, 2015.

The collaboration for “Prison of Decision” continued when the full version of the piece was presented with live music accompaniment in May, 2015. at the Ja bih…5 dana Zagreba u Sarajevu  festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

*Prison of Decision is performed in three versions depending on the event and the space of the performance.

Choreographers and performers: Ema Janković & Andrea Solomun | &M Dance Company

Costumes: Slavica Motušić | special thank you to Elvira Ulip

Light design: Duško Richtermoc in collaboration with &M Dance Company

Music trio: Marko First (violin), Borko Rupena (drums) and Matej Deronjić (piano)

Music mix: Ivi First

External collaborator: Ersilia Vončina