The theatre piece premiered on 21.05.2015. at Zagreb Dance Center, with a re-run on 22.05.2015. It is an exploration of human desires and the limits of our actions in gaining those desires.

What are we willing to do when we desire something with a passion? What are we capable of doing to each other and to ourselves? Who are we ready to become? Deep desire, lust, crave- are the main topic of our show. Different alter-egos get revived and physicalized on stage, meaning that you have an opportunity to meet some of the masks we wear, represented through diverse characters, on their journey to fulfill their lusts and desires. Each persona has a different perspective and they take a different approach in getting what they are yearning, but we know that the object of our lust, often in life, becomes an obsession.

This obsession controls and shapes us, and through the metamorphosis of the characters, you are being guided by the musicians and their music – which makes music one of the crucial characters that takes part in the story, and actively develops throughout the show. The show is imagined as collaboration between musicians and dancers, where music is played live and it is an essential part of the idea we are trying to portray. We are discovering the boundaries of our desires and the consequences of crossing them, and yet, we have only scratched the surface.


The music was composed specifically for the piece by three renowned jazz musicians. Its originality and the way it communicates to people in collaboration with the movement sparks a specific interest with the audience. It is in the plans of the company to record an album, as well as to organize workshops revolving around the collaboration between live music and dance, based on the experience gathered working on this project.

Authors and performers: Ema Janković and Andrea Solomun | &M Dance Company

Music band: Borko Rupena (drums), Marko First (violin), Matej Deronjić (piano)

Costume design: Slavica Motušić

Light design: Duško Richtermoc

Scenography: Ivica Propadalo 

External collaborator: Ersilija Vončina

Dramaturgy adviser: Tena Bošnjaković