PERFORMANCE : 21.02.2020. @ Zagrebački Plesni Centar | Ilica 10, Zagreb

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Dance Company &M's new piece - 3, explores, through the eyes of 3 women, a collection of memories and crucial life events that define people's lives. Inspired by the stories of 3 Moirai (Fates) we use cold logic removed from emotions as a divine godlike characteristic as a tool to make certain decisions in life, intertwined with human emotional responses that are often not logical. Duality of movement in between these two different ends of the human spectrum allows us to explore the tangled web which defines us and which exists inside each human being. Choosing our paths sometimes being led by logic, sometimes by emotions, and sometimes not being led at all. Only to exist or to make a decisions despite the possibility of it being wrong, that is the question.


   Projekt je sufinanciran sredstvima Gradskog ureda za kulturu Grada Zagreba


Choreography and concept: Dance Company &M & Iva Čevizović

Dancers:Ema Janković, Andrea Solomun & Iva Čevizović

Scenography: Hrvoje Vukov

Costumes: Nikola Barbir

Light design: Marino Frankola

Visual design: Matea Janković


Ulaznice: 50 kn (40 kn students, pensioners, UPUH or PULS memebers, and students from DANCE CENTER ANDREA'S ROOM)


*You can purchase the tickets online on this link or at ZPC |Ilica 10