The project is designed in a way that the audience will never see the same performance. The scenes change each performance and you never know which one you are going to watch. The stories you will have the chance to see for now, if you decide to visit "Room N°7", are: Lilith, Eyes Wide Shut, Like A Virgin, Nevermore, Love Affair, Do Not Disturb, No, Threesome, The End is Near, Nightmare before Xmas, Fur Elise and Lady and a Cockroach.




One strange woman visits the Room N°7. She is waiting for her fiance for years now. I have stopped counting. I believe she has as well. They arranged to meet here in this Room, but he never showed up. She doesn't know why, no one knows why. But yet she waits, still not giving up on love. The anatomy of waiting.


Eyes Wide Shut

Tell me your darkest sexual fantasy, cover your eyes with a mask and come into the Room N°7. All the secrets are safe in it, locked away. The Room has no end and no beginning. The Room is waiting for you. Come, don't be frightened. No one will find out. When you wake up the next morning - you will be alone. The only evidence of something that might have never happened will be the traces of the small scars from the knife on your wrist, sexual crown. No one will know. Or will they?


Like A Virgin

The first time is the hardest. The "experienced ones" do it without condoms. Its your first real love, so make it really special. What now? What now? What now? I want to go home.



They love each other. And they are repulsive to each other. It is an unbearable circumstance. So unbearable that they cannot touch each other any more. The air between their touches is so strong that it became inpenetrable.


Love Affair

In that Room N°7, with him by her side, with her head on his shoulder, his hand around her shoulders. It was a feeling unlike any other. Too much love can kill you. The adulterers have been punished. By the eternal longing.


Do not Disturb

Occupation- motel cleaner. Third shift. Be careful what you leave behind because they are the ones who clean your dirty laundry. They know all your secrets.



Sex. Intimacy. Lust. Who kisses whom? Mine. Mine. Yours. Two. What if there are three? Thank the Lord! Mind your own business! 


Lady and the cockroach

Anything can happen between one Lady and the cockroach in a motel room.



Lift your eyes up, can't you see the ceiling is collapsing? Even when you hit me, I am alive. I will kneel on shattered glass, blood will spray from my lips and the guests will laugh with a glimpse of fear in their eyes.


The End is Near

Everything is ready. My thoughts are the loudest yet, wanting to torture me. But once a man decides something, not even a storm of thoughts can stop him. All there is left to do is close my eyes and the thoughts will become silence.


Nightmare before Xmas

All the random oddities and characters together in one room during the festivities. The atmosphere is bizarre and surreal but the problem is real.


Fur Elise

Hangover. Too much noise.