Dance Company &M & Judita Franković

Room N°7 | Room N°13

Dance Company &M & Judita Franković Brdar -The creative team behind the idea of Room N°7  and Room N°13 got together in order to create a project based on voyeurism. Inspiration came from an article in The New Yorker written by Gay Talese, about a motel owner Gerald Foos who observed human behavior behind closed doors without anyone's knowledge for a duration of 30 years (1966-1995.). Perfect voyeur. He saw everything from sex, fights and even murder, but said nothing.

Most of us are passive observers today, and with this project we are determined to challenge that role in each member of our audience.

The project is developed as a cluster of stories about the guests who could have visited The Rooms. 12 stories are created for Room N°7, but the audience will only have the chance to see 5 of them in each performance. Room N°13 is visited by different guests but the concept of voyeurism remains. 

The audience will never know which stories they came to see.
Each performance is a mystery.
There are always different guests in the Rooms.

Would you like to see what they do behind closed doors?

Do you dare to peek?


Room N°7 | Premiere: 08|04|2017 at Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC)

Room N°13 | Premiere:  26|05|2018 at Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC)