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Iva Čevizović

Body Intense Contemporary | Pilates | 60 minutes..just for me (moms) 


Iva Čevizović is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer from Croatia. Her education of contemporary dance started at “The School of contemporary dance "Ana Maletić” in Zagreb, and continued in various workshops. Most of them were in contemporary and in modern led by: Laura Aris, Tokyo,Thomas Steyaert, Jorge Vazquez, MilanTomašik, Peter Juhasz, Seppe Baeyens, Francesco Scavetta, Aleksandra Mišić, OgnjenVučinić, Selma Banić, Igor Barberić, Larisa Navojec, Martina Nevistić, Maša Kolar, BrunoIsaković, Dina Ekštajn and many others. She worked on various projects: “Leap of faith” by Aleksandra Mišić, “E=mc²” by Zrinka Lukčec Kiko, “La Femme” by Sain Louis Rhino “Opening night of Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti” by BoMadvig, Musical “Resurrected” directed by Marko Cindrić and Robert Bošković,choreographed by Andrea Solomun, „Writing poems“ by Mario Vrbanec and Vesna Grandeš; “Legenda Ružice grada” directed by Robert Bošković, choreographed by Andrea Solomun; „Thinker's clock“ by Mario Vrbanec.
She is a part of collective “Brutala” presenting fusion of contemporary and breakdance. Currently they are working on a new project after “Writing poems” and “Thinker’s clock”. She worked on commercials, TV performances, concerts, humanitary fashion shows etc.
Her teaching started with jazz based on ballet for preschool and elementary school children and extended through years. Now she teaches contemporary, yoga, conditional training and pilates.

Adela Kulić

Dance&Sculpt | Prenatal Workout

Nastja Štefanić


Ana Kutija

Vinyasa Yoga